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Tamper evident plastic closure supplier & manufacturer

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Portola Packaging is one of the largest manufacturers of tamper-evident plastic closures and plastic containers for the dairy, juice, and food industries. Portola keeps its customers satisfied by not only manufacturing high-quality closures, but by designing and building supporting packaging equipment and providing fast, global technical service.

Our company has strategically located manufacturing plants worldwide to provide customers with the fastest and most efficient service.




Product Integrity is behind everything we do at Portola. Portola takes product integrity beyond the basics of package integrity and consistent quality. We aim to enhance customers' brands through unique and value-added packaging designs.

Portola's packages are designed to maintain the integrity of the products in them. Our tamper-evident closures reassure consumers that the product they are buying is safe. We have woven quality assurance and continuous improvement into every process throughout the organization, so our customers can rely on us to get them quality packages.

For the food and beverage industries, Portola manufactures a variety of compression-molded and injection-molded closures to address the different needs of customers' brands and filling lines.

For the dairy industry, Portola offers snap-on, snap/screw, and screw caps in sizes ranging from 26mm to 43mm. Portola was the original inventor of the snap-on technology for closures. We are continuing to innovate, and our newer closure designs for milk, such as the SCIII, address the emerging needs and trends in the dairy industry. In addition, we provide tamper-evident fitments for gable-top paperboard cartons for both the juice and dairy industries.

Bottled water companies use many of the same Portola closures that are used by the dairy industry. In addition, Portola is a leading manufacturer of tamper-evident closures for 5-gallon water bottles. Closures include our standard PL snap-on caps and also Portola's patented Non-Spill® caps, with or without foam liners. In addition, Portola Packaging Mexico offers a snap-screw and screw caps for 5-gallon bottles.






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Portola Packaging Inc. ~ 1140 31st Street ~ Downers Grove, IL 60515 ~ Tel (630) 515-8383 ~ Fax (630) 936-1620 ~ Toll Free (800) 880-0120